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Linda Levine Madori Ph.D.

Professor | Artist | Researcher

Having worked in dementia care for many years, I was thrilled to help bring Dr. Linda Levine Madori’s TTAP Method to aging network personnel around New York State.  Over 175 participants completed the one day certificate TTAP Method training program in November and December 2011 at six locations around the state. The Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming training was the most successful course of the quarter. Feedback documented that the trainees appreciated the content as well as the instructor; one trainee noted, “Presenter was knowledgeable, utilized active experiences & related to each discipline present.” I hope you enjoy Dr. Levine Madori’s recent book which is the first of its kind to bring “ACTIVE TREATMENT guidelines” for dementia care to adult day programs, in-home services, assisted living centers and nursing homes."
Erin Purcell, Aging Services Representative, New York State Office for the Aging

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